Protection when You need it most

At our core is an intimate knowledge of the properties of different fibres and yarns and how they must be placed, positioned and woven together to create PPE fabric stronger than the sum of its parts.

By listening, Hainsworth Technology have not only been able to develop cutting edge fabrics that surpass international standards, we have also ensured we produce fabrics that meet the specific needs of those who wear PPE daily on the frontline.

TITAN® is a unique patented construction that combines high performance fibres and carefully positions them within the garment to deliver a fabric that maximises comfort, thermal protection and durability. An intelligent flame retardant outer shell system, TITAN® increases your thermal protection exactly when you need it, giving you valuable time to react to your environment and return safely from the task.

Design That Saves

Heat stress is the biggest global threat to health and safety as a firefighter. TITAN® helps minimise the effects of heat stress. It is breathable, lightweight and flexible, keeping you cool, clear headed and able to react to rapidly changing situations.

Protection That Shows

During exposure to intense heat and flame, innovative Fibre Positioning Technology creates insulating air pockets within your garment, increasing your thermal protection when you are facing danger from heat and flame. The visual changes in the fabric are your reassuring reminder that your TITAN® PPE is working harder to keep you safer for longer.

Quality That Lasts

Fibre Positioning Technology has ensured that TITAN® is designed to maximise durability, extending the wear life of the garment, and reducing repair costs. We believe that quality costs less in the long run, allowing firefighters to look smarter for longer.

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