MSA created the M1 SCBA following extensive consultation with fire and rescue services across the UK and Europe. By listening and responding to their experiences and requirements, MSA was able to design an advanced, ergonomic, and uniquely modular system that meets a broad range of needs and budgets. This superior breathing apparatus platform includes several innovative and customisable features to help enhance hygiene, improve comfort and provide capability for future upgrades.


No two fire stations are alike and when it comes to protective equipment, each has different needs, preferences, budgets and expectations. As a result, the M1 SCBA has created a modular design which offers many benefits:

  • The system can be easily customised and adapted to suit specific requirements and applications.
  • The modular system enables fire services to invest in advanced technology and superior components as and when budgets allow.
  • Looking to the future, fire services will benefit from enhancing existing kit rather than paying for a complete upgrade whenever new technology becomes available.


SCBA needs to work with firefighters, helping them to move with ease, providing optimum performance and comfort. The M1 SCBA has been designed to be comfortable and lightweight in all scenarios:

  • Integrated height adjustment on the backplate ensures the apparatus fits the natural shape of the back.
  • The swivel hip belt follows body movement and ensures even weight distribution.
  • The M1 is the lightest SCBA with height adjustment on the market (less than 4kg/9lbs).

Integration of Components

The M1 SCBA platform can be also configured with:

  • M1 Control Module – designed to combine mechanical gauge with a digital display to provide information on pressure remaining, time remaining on air, temperature alarms and evacuation alerts just by lifting the device. In addition, the M1 Control Module comes with optional telemetric capability.
  • G1 Face Mask – produced in three sizes, also offers three further sizes of nose cup to give the perfect fit and help prevent infiltration of smoke particles. With the new material composition and improved face seal, the G1 Mask is comfortable and better adapts to face shapes. The visor allows for a wide, distortion-free field of vision.
  • C1 Communication Module – for clear voice projection. The C1 headset easily attaches to the G1 mask and is integrated seamlessly to provide excellent voice transmission and reception of incoming messages. Surrounding sounds and background noise are eliminated for clearer communication.

Cleanability and Enhanced Hygiene

With MSA’s M1 SCBA, firefighters can easily maintain their equipment to prevent exposure to harmful substances and can be confident that their equipment is safe to use, time and again. Innovative features ensure the system is easy to clean:

  • A padded harness that is fully water-repellent.
  • The entire SCBA system machine is washable without disassembly.
  • No hard-to-reach areas on the backplate.


By offering an excellent foundation system with optional advanced modules, the M1 SCBA equips firefighters with all the revolutionary capabilities of safety technology. Easy access to the cloud, effortless monitoring and reliable data ultimately makes it an integrated platform for firefighter safety now and in the future.

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