What is a Gas Safety Inspection?

A gas safety inspection is the process of testing the gas appliances and their components to ensure safety while using the appliance. Most gas appliances produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide when the cooking gas undergoes incomplete combustion.

The incomplete combustion of gas is the result of non-maintained gas appliances and accessories. When the gas appliances are not maintained and accessories are poorly fitted, it can lead to incomplete combustion or leakage of gas.

The result of non-maintenance of gas equipment can also lead to wastage of gas or fire breakouts. The results can be fatal if a large amount of gas gets leaked. Therefore, every family needs to get their equipment checked from time to time to ensure complete safety. Let us explore more about gas safety inspection.

What is a gas safety inspection?


A gas safety inspection is the process of inspecting gas appliances and their accessories like the pipe, regulator, burners, etc. The inspection ensures that your appliance is working correctly, and the gas is burning completely.

The gas safety check is to be performed by a registered and certified gas safety engineer. The engineer also checks that the kitchen or room where your gas is located is suitable to use the gas equipment or not. Here are the things that are checked in the process of gas safety inspection.

Gas stove and barrel

A certified engineer checks whether the gas stove and barrel are properly set and adjusted correctly. If the regulator is not adjusted precisely, he can set it correctly or advise you to replace it if required. The function of the regulator is to control the amount of gas supplied to the stove.

The engineer also inspects the gas barrel. If the barrel’s condition is not good, he may ask you to request the supplier to replace the barrel. Also, they check whether the barrel is placed correctly or not. The gas barrel should be placed only in the vertical position to ensure safety.

Your kitchen or room is suitable for the use of gas equipment


The place where you keep your gas equipment should be suitable for its use. The professional checks whether there is proper ventilation in the area where you have kept your gas appliance. Ventilation is essential for safety in case the gas is leaked due to any reason.

Sometimes a little gas gets leaked regularly without you noticing it. In case there is no ventilation, it can pile up in that area and can be fatal. The person who inspects the place may suggest you change the place of your gas appliance in case of inadequate ventilation.

Therefore, it is essential to have proper ventilation in your kitchen. Even if you place an extra barrel or empty barrel in an area of your house, that area should have adequate ventilation.

Gas accessories

A gas safety engineer also checks all the accessories connected to your gas appliance. Your gas pipe and regulator are the two main components that come under accessories. Other things are safety devices, chimneys, and ventilators.

The engineer checks your gas regulator that controls the supply of gas to the stove. If the gas supply is too high or too low, there might be a problem with the regulator. Also, if there is the smell of gas, even when the regulator is in the off position, it can be due to a faulty washer in the regulator.

In such cases, the engineer may replace your regulator. They also check your pipe for any cuts or leaks. If the pipe is too old, he may ask you to replace the pipe. Users should not use a gas pipe for more than the recommended period. Some manufacturers recommend replacing the pipe after six months, while others may recommend replacement after 12 months.

Test the gas equipment

The inspection engineer also tests the gas equipment as some faults come into light only after operating the appliance. The color of the gas flame also tells about the level of combustion. If the color of the flame is blue, it means good combustion and perfect burners. If the flame’s color is red or yellow, it indicates incomplete combustion that also leads to wastage of gas.

gas hob

In the case of red or yellow flame, you need to clean your burners or get it done by a professional. If the burners are too old, you should replace them as they can lead to incomplete gas combustion.

There are metal pipes on the gas stove’s underside that people rarely check or pay attention to them. However, they are important and should be checked periodically to ensure they are in good condition.

Sometimes they attract rust or corrosion due to moisture or prolonged usage. It is best to replace those pipes or the entire stove in such cases, whatever is suitable.


As ventilation is essential for the safety of households using gas equipment, the engineer also checks your ventilators in the kitchen. If you have installed a chimney, he may check its operation. In case of inadequate ventilation, he may ask you to replace the chimney or change the gas equipment position to a more ventilated area.

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A gas safety inspection is essential to ensure the safety of households using LPG or natural gas. It ensures that all your gas appliances are in good condition and safe to use. The primary benefit of such inspections is that you come to know what needs repair or replacement.
You can repair or replace the faulty components and reduce the probability of gas accidents. Using well-maintained gas equipment and following the basic gas safety rules, ensures the safety of your family, neighbors, and surroundings.



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