Project Vision:

‘To provide the UK Fire and Rescue Service with the ability to consider the economic and social value of their activities when planning’

The economic and social value of the Fire Service project not only includes the social cost of fire but considers other costs and benefits such as social value and social impact. A ground-breaking piece of work, it will for the first time, provide a clearer and comprehensive picture of the value of the Fire Service to the UK economy and the public. The project provides a broader context and tools for fire and rescue services to articulate the breadth and depth of their contribution to the community. It is, I suggest, a long overdue and eminently essential device to project the immense contribution fire and rescue services and contribute to their communities.

According to Programme Lead Dan Quinn, the work will support risk management planning under the Community Risk Programme led by CFO Phil Loach, by allowing fire and rescue services to evaluate and understand the financial impact and benefit of risk interventions. The report has had involvement of a wider group of stakeholders from throughout the UK FRS and Home Office and has been welcomed by the sector. On the one hand, Dan is driven to take the project forward and the value it will have in targeting resources but is clear that more research and work needs to be done as the data used so far represents the tip of the iceberg.


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